About Alicia 

Alicia Lipinski is a gifted Intuitive Healing Guide, Reiki Master, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Wellness Coach, based out of Boulder, CO. She has also studied a wide range of other healing modalities, including Ayurveda, herbalism, nutrition, aromatherapy, crystal therapy and various forms of energy work. She incorporates elements of all of these modalities into her healing work, but her real medicine is her ability to see others for who they truly are and reflect that truth back to them.

Although she has always had a passion for helping others and a heightened sense of empathy, she wasn’t aware of her intuitive abilities until her 20s, when a hip injury led her to explore alternative forms of healing. From acupuncturists to naturopaths to energy workers, every healer that she saw said the same thing: "You’re a healer too, and you’re meant to be doing this work."

She decided to explore her abilities by attending a workshop that focused on healing the physical body through energy work. There, she was surprised to discover that, when she tapped into other people’s energy, she could see not only their injuries and illnesses but also the energetic and emotional roots of these problems. She could see the fears and self-limiting beliefs that were keeping them from doing the things they felt most called to do. She could see the events of their past that had shaped their ideas about themselves and what they were capable of. She could see their hopes and their heartbreaks, their loves and their losses, their passions and their failed plans. She could see their unresolved conflicts, unexpressed feelings and unexplored dreams. And she could see the pure light and infinite potential that existed, beneath all of those layers of mental and emotional lint. She became committed to helping others recognize and clear this lint—the old beliefs, fears, perceived shortcomings, and false stories that were keeping them from seeing their own light and worth. 

She continues to expand her knowledge and practice daily and is currently studying to become a Clinical Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist.


1. The brilliant inner light that burns inside of you, gently urging you to follow the callings of your soul.

2. A haven of peace, love and infinite potential, where you can safely reconnect to the truth of who you are and all that you are capable of.