New Moon in Scorpio Healing Meditation

Tonight is the new moon in Scorpio, a sign which is ruled by Pluto (Greek god of the underworld) and is, therefore, associated with death, transformation and rebirth.The energy of this lunar cycle coincides perfectly with where we are in our solar cycle: smack dab in the middle of autumn, the season of shedding, of surrender, of stripping ourselves down to only that which is necessary and absolutely true for us. It is also a time for slowing down and turning inward, as we make our way into the darkness (and death) of winter. 

Scorpio is the sign of the scorpion, a creature that is known for acting on its instincts. There's an old fable about a scorpion asking a frog for a ride across the pond. At first, the frog refuses, afraid that the scorpion will sting him, but the scorpion insists that he won't. "If I sting you, we'll both drown," the scorpion argues. The frog sees the sense in this argument and agrees to ferry him across the pond. Halfway across, the scorpion does, indeed, sting him. The frog asks the scorpion why he would do such a thing, because now they are both going to die. The scorpion replies, "It's just my nature."

The new moon in Scorpio asks us to look at the parts of our own essential nature that scare us or make us uncomfortable--the parts that we've ignored or rejected or kept hidden away--because these hold the key to our transformation and our liberation. These hold the key to our power.

Below is a guided meditation to help you recognize, reclaim and reintegrate these parts of yourself. Find a quiet place to sit or lie down and begin by taking a few deep breaths, slowly turning your attention inward. Focus on each inhale and exhale, allowing the mind to follow the breath and not the thoughts that arise. Then, when you feel ready:

Imagine yourself standing on the bridge of nose. You hear a ding! and turn around to find an open set of elevator doors just between your eyebrows. You step inside this elevator and discover that there is only one button you can press. This bright green button is labeled HEART. You press it, and the elevator begins to descend downwards. Down...behind your nose. Down...behind your mouth. Down...through your throat. Down, down, down...until finally the elevator stops right in the center of your chest, at your heart chakra.

The doors ding open, and you step out into a vast desert. Soft white sand stretches out in every direction. A warm breeze blows. The sky is a rich midnight blue, and thousands of stars glow overhead, along with a beautiful silver crescent moon. It’s quiet, peaceful, STILL. There’s no one else around.

You walk forward, feeling the soft warm sand on the bottoms of your bare feet and between your toes. This sand is so soothing, so inviting, that you find a nice fluffy spot to lie down on. You allow your body to grow heavy as you sink and soften into the sand, letting yourself be fully held and supported by Mama Earth. With each breath, you feel your tension melt away and your body relax. Even your brain relaxes, like a fist unclenching itself in your mind, releasing all thought.

As you inhale, you breathe in the soothing silver light of the crescent moon above, feeling its healing energy in every cell of your being. And with each exhale, you soften a little more.

Now, imagine this silvery moonlight shining into your third eye. Feel the light of this new moon in Scorpio awakening your intuition and deepening your ability to hear its wisdom and trust its guidance.

As you lie here, soaking in the vastness of the night sky, you see a shooting star go by. Then another. Then another. You watch in awe as more and more stars streak across the sky, allowing any thoughts or worries in your mind to streak right on by as well.

And as you watch these shooting stars, you make a wish, from the deepest part of your heart. This is your greatest dream, your most sincere wish for yourself and your life. And as you release this wish out into the universe, you see it written in the stars above you. It might appear as a word, a phrase, an image – whatever it is, simply allow yourself to observe and receive it, without judgment. Maybe it’s just a feeling or a knowing.

With every breath, feel this wish growing stronger, getting brighter in the sky.

Suddenly, you hear movement and look down to see a scorpion emerging from the depths of the sand. For a moment, you feel fear, but then you realize that this scorpion is not going to harm you. This scorpion is an ally – a guide – and is here with a very important message for you.

This scorpion represents an aspect of yourself – a part of your essential nature that scares you. A part that has been ignored or forgotten or hidden. A part that holds the key to your personal power. Take a moment to ask this scorpion what it represents for you. What part of yourself is asking to be reclaimed and reintegrated?

What does this part of yourself want you to know?

What false fears and hidden beliefs are keeping this part of you buried deep down?

What actions can you take to free this part of yourself and allow it to express itself in the world?

How is this part of you essential to making your deepest dream, which you saw written in the stars, come true? How can it help you on your path?

You can ask this scorpion any other questions that you have for it and simply listen for its answers without forcing or judging. Again, these answers might appear as images, as a gentle voice in your mind, as a feeling or sensation in your body or as a sudden knowing. If an answer doesn't appear right away, trust that your question has been heard and that an answer will present itself in some other way in your life.

As you thank the scorpion for its wisdom, it stings you - not with poison but healing medicine. Golden light flows through your veins and you feel warmth spread through your body as the part of you that this scorpion represents is reawakened and reintegrated into your you reclaim your own power and wholeness. Relax and allow this transformation to take place.

When this healing process feels complete, your whole body is filled with this glowing golden light, and you shine just as brightly as the moon and stars in the sky above you. As your light expands further and further beyond your body and out into the galaxy, you feel your connection to everything and everyone. You feel the entire Universe--every grain of sand and every twinkling star--alive inside of you. You remember your own vastness and infinite potential. You remember your own power and worth.

From this space, ask your heart what intention you want to set for this next lunar cycle. What new habits or actions do you want to cultivate for the next 30 days? What new way of living in your body or in the world will help support this newly reintegrated part of yourself?

You feel a sensation in your hand and bring your attention back to the desert, to your soft cushion of sand. You look down and notice a small seed in your palm. This is the seed of your intention. You plant this seed into the ground and allow it to be nourished by the moonlight and the bright golden light of your own being. You commit to honoring and practicing your intention each day, so that you can see it grow.

As you feel ready, slowly begin to bring your awareness back into your physical body. Deepen your inhales and exhales, wiggle your fingers and your toes, gently turn your head from side to side, and slowly begin to notice any sensations in the room: the sound of the air on your skin, the taste in your mouth, the sounds in the room. As you open your eyes and move back out into the world, try to maintain this feeling of relaxation and expansion. Keep your intention in your heart and in your daily actions, especially over the next couple of weeks. As the Scorpio new moon grows full, the energy of your intention will grow with it.