Find Wonder in the Full

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” For many of us, the holiday season has a heavy emphasis on the second half of that word: FULL. Packed schedules, crowded malls, crammed suitcases, and bellies stuffed with holiday treats. As we hustle and bustle our way through our lives, checking off our to-do list (and checking it twice), it’s easy to miss the WONDER. The simple joy and magic of our everyday moments and interactions. So I invite you, this holiday season, to slow down. To make time and space for your Self. To focus on being present instead of buying presents.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ways to find wonder, peace, joy and calm amid all the jingle-jangle, but I quickly realized that it was just too much to cram in one post. So I decided to put together a comprehensive HOLIDAY THRIVE GUIDE. 

Each day, from December 18th to 24th, I’ll be posting a short video online, along with an article jam-packed with tips, tools and techniques to not just survive the various stresses of the holiday season, but thrive. Family gatherings, social events, busy airports, year-end deadlines, parking lot drama, healthy dining dilemmas…we’ll cover it all. And more.