Bloom in June

Happy June! As we start a new month and prepare to kick off a new season, my mind is on beginnings. In our culture, this is often equated with starting fresh, but the German root of begin actually means "to open." From this perspective, a beginning isn't just the planting of a new seed; it's the constant opening and unfolding of the flower. In every moment, we have an opportunity to begin again...and peeling back the petals of our true Selves and opening our hearts and minds wider than ever before.

On June 21st, we'll officially welcome in summer, a season when flowers reach full bloom, so now is a great time to reflect on what you are growing in your life--and your Self--and how you can allow those things to blossom in new and more expansive ways. If you'd like to celebrate the Summer Soul-stice with me in full floral fashion, click here to get the full the details.

Wishing you a bloom-filled June and a joy-filled summer! 

With love and gratitude,