Come What May

Happy May!

In all honesty, this month I really struggled with what I wanted to write and how much I wanted to share about where I'm at in my journey right now. The truth is that I'm in the middle of a lot of change and contemplating making some even bigger changes, one of which would mean hitting the eject button on life as I know it. Which is both terrifying and exciting.

At the moment, the future is completely unpredictable, and I'm learning how to sit in the discomfort and the uncertainty of that. I'm learning how to let go of the impulse to plan and predict and, instead, just be present with what's arising in my body, heart and spirit. I'm learning how to let go of my attachments to certain answers or outcomes and allow myself to simply be in the questions. I'm learning how to surrender to that which is Greater than me and trust the Great wisdom and guidance within me. 

My mantra, as of late, has been, "I'm open." I'm open to absolutely anything. I'm open to absolutely everything. I'm open to a whole new way of life. I'm open to a whole new way of being. 

And when I feel the shackles of fear start to close in, I take a deep breath into my chest, feel my heart and lungs expand, and remind myself to just keep opening, come what may. I invite you to do the same.

With love and gratitude,