to Jul 15

Reiki Level 2 Training & Certification

For those who have already completed Reiki Level 1, this training will take you deeper into your practice. You'll learn the Reiki symbols, which amplify the Reiki energy, and how to send energy across distances, including time and space. Plus how to work with the elements, clear and remove energies, and much more!

Date: Saturday, July 14th 2-5pm and Sunday, July 15th 2-5pm
Energy Exchange: $350

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to Jun 24

Reiki Level 1 Training & Certification

Reiki is universal life force energy. In Level 1, you will be attuned to become a channel for this powerful healing energy and taught how to practice Reiki on yourself and others. 

In this Level 1 training, you will:

  • Receive your Reiki Level 1 attunement, which enables you to channel Reiki energy
  • Learn the history, meaning and ritual of Reiki
  • Learn how to use Reiki to heal and transform your Self
  • Learn how to ground, shield and cleanse your energy
  • Deepen your intuition and awaken your psychic senses
  • Learn powerful self-care practices and ways to integrate Reiki into your daily life
  • Begin a guided 21 day energetic cleanse to help integrate the Reiki energy into your being
  • And more!

Date: Saturday, June 23rd 2-5pm and Sunday, June 24th 2-5pm
Location: Burbank
Energy Exchange: $300

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7:00 PM19:00

Summer Soul-stice Celebration

Welcome in summer with a guided meditation, energy healing and seasonal ritual designed to help you step into full bloom in all areas of your life and being. And since it's a celebration, food, drinks and dancing will also be involved!

Date: Thursday, June 21st 7-9pm
Location: TBD (depending on number of attendees, this will either be at my house or a rented space)
Energy Exchange: $30
**Please RSVP by June 15th so I can finalize the space and buy supplies. All you need to bring is a journal and pen.

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to Jul 11

Introduction to Tarot

There are a lot of myths and misperceptions around the practice of Tarot. At its essence, the Tarot is quite simply a metaphor for the human experience. Each card that we pull is a symbol that offers us insight into who we are and what we are needing at this particular point in our journey. We might pull the Magician card when we are in the process of creating something new, the Hermit when we are being asked to step out of our shell and brightly shine our light into the world, or the Death card when something has reached a symbolic ending in our life. In this 3 part workshop, we will cover the basics of reading Tarot cards and explore their meaning and relevance in the modern world.

Part One
In this session, we will be focusing on the Major Arcana, the first 21 cards in the Tarot deck, which directly correspond to the stages in our life's journey. You will be guided to tap into your own intuition and to connect to the themes and messages within the cards in a very personal way.
Date: Wednesday, June 20th 7-9:30pm
Location: Burbank
Energy Exchange: $40

Part Two
In this session, we will be focusing on the Minor Arcana--the four suits in the deck: pentacles, swords, cups and wand--and what their card meanings are, both individually and in relation to one another.
Date: Wednesday, June 27th 7-9:30pm
Location: Burbank
Energy Exchange: $40

Part Three
In this session, we will pull it all together and cover how to interpret the cards in the context of a full spread. You will learn how to do a Tarot reading for yourself or someone else.
Date: Wednesday, July 11th 7-9:30pm
Location: Burbank
Energy Exchange: $40

You can also purchase the entire series for a discounted rate of $100.

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to Feb 13

Introduction to Intuition

New session starts on January 16th! We've all heard the saying, "New Year, New You." This New Year, get to know the TRUE YOU. 

These classes are designed to help you access and expand your own intuitive abilities. In each class, I'll lead you through a series of personalized exercises, guided meditations and hands-on experiences to help you access your intuition on a deeper level so that you can gain clarity and insight into all areas of your life, as well as begin to awaken and explore your own healing gifts if you so desire. I'll share with you a variety of self-healing tools and self-care rituals that you can incorporate into your daily life. 

Please be mindful that this is meant to be a very safe and supportive community, so I ask that anyone who comes please bring an open heart, open mind and positive attitude. 

Dates: January 23rd, January 30th, February 6th, February 13th

Time: 7:00pm

$80 for the series


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to Feb 7

Intuitive Expansion

This class expands on the basic skills learned in Introduction to Intuition. You'll journey even deeper into your own inner wisdom and apply it in profound new ways in both your inner and outer worlds. You'll also learn more advanced healing tools and ways to channel energy.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Intuition

Dates: January 17, January 24, January 31, February 7th

Time: 8pm

Cost: $80 for the series

Please contact me for more details if you're interested.

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7:00 PM19:00

New Moon Women's Circle

Women have been gathering together to honor the cycles of the moon for ages, because our bodies naturally cycle with the moon. These circles are an opportunity to come together as a community and openly share our hearts and our wisdom with one another in a safe and sacred space, while planting new intentions and holding space for one another's intentions to grow and flourish. 

This month's new moon falls in the sign of Capricorn, the Sea Goat. As Steven Forrest says in one of my favorite astrology books, The Inner Sky: "A mountain goat with a fish's tail; an impossible creature. [She] is the master of two worlds: the sea and the stony heights. The Sea-Goat scales the most treacherous peaks, breathes the most rarified air. [She] swims the wildest oceans. Nothing can stop [her]. Once [her] mighty will is fixed on a goal, [she] is invincible."

The new moon is a powerful time for intention setting, so as a part of our lunar celebration, we'll also be lighting candles infused with our intentions for this new lunar cycle. In the weeks that follow, as the moon's light waxes (grows) toward full, the energy of our intentions will grow with it. During this time, you will be re-lighting your candle every night and re-affirming your intention, so bring a candle with you. I suggest a small votive candle that can burn down slowly over that two week span, as opposed to a giant candle that will take months to burn or a tealight that will only last a couple of days.  

Please email me for more details and to RSVP.

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3:00 PM15:00

Wring Out The Old Before You Ring In The New

Join me for a special 2 hour workshop to clear out the old on all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. Our practice will include guided meditation, journaling, breathwork, yoga and Reiki. You’ll need a journal, pen, yoga mat, water bottle and comfortable clothing. Please let me know if you would like to attend. 

Sunday, December 17th, 3-5pm
Cost: $20

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