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New Moon Women's Circle

Women have been gathering together to honor the cycles of the moon for ages, because our bodies naturally cycle with the moon. These circles are an opportunity to come together as a community and openly share our hearts and our wisdom with one another in a safe and sacred space, while planting new intentions and holding space for one another's intentions to grow and flourish. 

This month's new moon falls in the sign of Capricorn, the Sea Goat. As Steven Forrest says in one of my favorite astrology books, The Inner Sky: "A mountain goat with a fish's tail; an impossible creature. [She] is the master of two worlds: the sea and the stony heights. The Sea-Goat scales the most treacherous peaks, breathes the most rarified air. [She] swims the wildest oceans. Nothing can stop [her]. Once [her] mighty will is fixed on a goal, [she] is invincible."

The new moon is a powerful time for intention setting, so as a part of our lunar celebration, we'll also be lighting candles infused with our intentions for this new lunar cycle. In the weeks that follow, as the moon's light waxes (grows) toward full, the energy of our intentions will grow with it. During this time, you will be re-lighting your candle every night and re-affirming your intention, so bring a candle with you. I suggest a small votive candle that can burn down slowly over that two week span, as opposed to a giant candle that will take months to burn or a tealight that will only last a couple of days.  

Please email me for more details and to RSVP.

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