When I work with energy clients for the first time, their greatest fear is usually that I'm going to see that they're a “bad” person or that there is something inherently wrong with them…or even worse, that they’re not worthy or capable of what it is that they truly want.

I can promise you that you have nothing to be afraid of. The belief that there is something “wrong” with you is simply not true. We are all, at our core, pure SPIRIT. There is no dark. There is no wrong. There is no “not good enough.” There is only love and light and infinite possibility. My job, as a healing guide, is to bring you back to this truth and empower you in your own healing.


As we move through life, we each have different experiences in which we’re told, either by others or our own inner critic, that we’re not good enough (or pretty enough or smart enough or strong enough or brave enough or talented enough). Over time, we start to take these words--these ideas--on as truths.

We begin to look at our whole lives through a skewed lens, so that we are always living the experience of these false truths. When we get an “F” on a test, it’s further proof we’re not smart. When our significant other breaks up with us, it’s proof we’re not lovable. When we don’t get our dream job, it means we’re not worthy of that dream.

These beliefs and fears about our own self-worth begin to collect around our light, like lint. The problem is when we start to believe that the lint is actually a part of who we are…when we begin to look to the lint, not the light, to define ourselves.


The good news is that this lint is NOT who you are.

The purpose of my work is to help you recognize your lint for what it is, so you can let go of the long-held beliefs and fears that are keeping you from seeing your light and step into the full truth of who you ARE and what you are capable of.




$150 per hour

*I will not let money get in the way of your healing. If you suffer from financial hardship, please contact me, and we can work on a sliding scale.



"Without comparison"

Alicia has been part of my healing regiment for nearly 6 years. Through her, I've experienced everything from emotional and spiritual balance to genuine physical repair. Her intuitive abilities are without comparison. I never considered myself a "believer" before I saw what she was able to accomplish. I have witnessed and experienced miracles! You may never catch me buying a crystal at the local curio, but I will always come to Alicia when I need an energy tune-up. Thank you, Alicia!   

— Chad

"Gets results"

Alicia is absolutely incredible. I've been seeing her for years for healing and intuitive practice, and she never ceases to amaze me. I've personally seen her treat physical ailments, work out energetic blocks that hold us back, and within one session, help someone figure out what they are passionate about and what to do for the rest of their life. She has the most peaceful, nurturing energy. You truly feel safe in her presence and her space. Before she even laid hands on me, she knew things that were going on physically and mentally that I hadn't shared with anyone.

"Will blow your mind"

Words really can't express the awe I have for Alicia's incredible intuition and depth of knowing. And she is so grounded and real and relatable, making the experience so perfectly comfortable and safe. This woman is one of a kind, and I encourage anyone looking for a little (or a lot) of insight and guidance and to connect with her immediately! She is gentle, caring and will blow your mind even with the most subtle perspectives.  

— Meagan

Alicia has literally pin pointed things that I've never told anybody. And her physical healing work seems impossible. About 3 years ago, I had surgery on an ovary. A few months back, I was having a lot of pain in that area and my cycle had become irregular.  We did some energy work to increase blood flow and energy to the ovary. After ONE session, the pain was gone, and my cycle has been back to normal! 

Look, you don't have to be a woo woo energy person to get results with Alicia. As nuts as all this might sound, she's also incredibly grounded and pragmatic. And most importantly, SHE GETS RESULTS.                                                                      

— Kelli