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I can create custom tonics, tinctures, tea blends and other herbal remedies, based on your individual constitution, energetic imbalances and healing needs. Please contact me for more information or to schedule a free consultation. 

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"A bright light and guide in my life”

I had my first intuitive session with Alicia 6 years ago and was blown away. She was able to see me like no one had before and was spot on with her reading. I've been going to her ever since for intuitive readings, as well as for help with herbs and nutrition. She is wonderful at helping gain clarity, seeing the bigger picture--what you are capable of--and believing in you until you believe in that bigger picture for yourself. She is always going above and beyond anything I've experienced with other healers. 

I've recently been working with her on changing my diet. Her intuitive guidance on what foods, herbs or vitamins would benefit me have always been spot on and always confirmed through muscle testing with my Applied Kinesiologist. She has made eating healthier attainable by putting together recipes, meal plans and samples of herbs to start trying right away. I find that she is very thorough, easy to talk to, empathetic and ready with a game plan to bring balance back to my life. I keep coming back to Alicia, as she has always been accurate, helpful, kind, supportive, and great at following up to see how the plan is unfolding. It's hard to put into words how humble yet extremely gifted Alicia is and how wonderful it is to have her as such a bright light and guide in my life. 

-Laura H.

"Had a direct impact on my physical health"

Alicia genuinely cares about me and my well-being. She is gently guiding me back to my inner self and gradually reconnecting me with memories, passions and what my body needs to function and feel nourished, so that I can enjoy being me instead of a person who checks items off a to-do list everyday.

Alicia's Reiki and Ayurvedic healing gifts are extraordinary, and honestly, I believe my sessions had a direct impact on my physical health as well. My husband and I had tried to get pregnant five years ago and even went to a fertility specialist at our local hospital for help because my cycles were so inconsistent and even absent for months at a time. The Reiki sessions, emotional support, and Ayurvedic guidance received from Alicia opened my body and mind enough to get back into a natural rhythm. My cycles started regulating, and we were pleasantly surprised with our first pregnancy only six months after my first session. I am now Mom to a beautiful seven week old boy and couldn’t feel more gratitude in my heart for this amazing transformation and the help I’ve received along the way. Thank you, Alicia!

— Amara