“Changed my life"

"I am astounded at Alicia's talent as a healer. Saying she is intuitive is an understatement. The energy work that she does has changed my life through the discoveries we have found in our healing sessions. She is extremely knowledgeable about health and wellness. Her gift, not only as a healer but also as an empath, has made me feel so nurtured and safely guided towards healing and transformation. I have felt a distinct shift in my life, both emotionally and physically, through our sessions, the homework she has given me and her health advice. I could not be more grateful to have found her."                                                      

- Sarah


Many people I know and love had positive healing experiences with Alicia, so I reached out to her. I didn't really knowing what to expect, but what happened during our session was truly incredible. The healing that occurred not only during our time together but in the days and weeks that followed has been transformative. She was able to see and directly address things I never speak about with anyone. Moreover, I always felt both safe and brave when doing this work with her support. The work is really powerful, and Alicia is a gifted healer.  I cannot recommend connecting with her enough.

- Sharon

I can't recommend Alicia enough. She is the real deal! I've worked with a lot of healers/coaches over the years and by far have never experienced such a quick shift as I have when working with Alicia. She has the most loving presence and energy, always making you feel comfortable speaking matters of the heart without any judgment. Her intuitive understanding and guidance always feels spot on and I've always gotten an incredible amount of clarity. Our time together has changed my life.

— Laura S.


"Worth a hundred therapy sessions, much quicker"

I am unable to express how many insights Alicia led me toward in just one session. Before Alicia even laid a hand on me, she spoke with clarity and open understanding about parts of my life that no one could have known about. Then, she laid her hands over each blocked chakra and expressed to me what info she was receiving. We went though so many different aspects of my life, including nutrition, like I had asked for. Alicia told me about allergies, sensitivities and specific deficiencies I had that I did not know about. She told me what to eat to cure those deficiencies and was spot-on when expressing what foods my body likes and dislikes. She knew, without me telling her, that I had changed my diet recently and told me how to make the diet more effective by introducing specific foods.

I was directly affected by the session. My past relationship no longer plagues my thoughts at night, guilts from past have dissolved, and I've begun actively expressing myself better and without as much censorship. It was probably worth a hundred therapy sessions and much, much quicker. All I can say is that seeing Alicia is most definitely worth it. 

- Lou

"Helps guide me to my highest potential."

I have had the pleasure of working with Alicia several times in the last few years. I mainly saw her for energetic Chakra alignment, spiritual and life path guidance, and family support. Alicia is a naturally gifted woman who uses her intuition to guide her sessions. She is loving, grounded, insightful and wise beyond her years. Her abilities allow her to dig deeply into each individual's unique healing needs. She is always a positive counselor and helps guide me to my highest potential. 

During and after my sessions with Alicia, I feel empowered. I have a clear head and an open heart, to then move forward and make my own life choices, whether big or small. I have seen her at important turning points in my life, and I am amazed, after coming through those years, how accurate her guidance and visions were! She has literally nailed unknown information without any leads. If you have not worked with Alicia before and are in search of spiritual guidance, look no further.

— Amanda

Alicia went deep into my subconscious and helped me revisit crucial memories from my past in a safe and therapeutic way...which ultimately helped open the door to healing that I didn't even realize needed addressing. I was once a skeptic but now am a firm believer...not just in the power of energy work but specifically in Alicia's abilities as a healer. Cannot recommend her highly enough.  

— Ross

"A truly gifted healer."

Alicia is a truly gifted intuitive healer. She is able to make connections and discover solutions to obstacles in a very inspired and compassionate manner. I look forward to working with her again and again, since each session unravels another layer in my evolution of understanding my life's purpose. Do not miss out on experiencing her gifts. You will not be disappointed!


“A deeply personal level of insight”

Alicia's work accomplishes a deeply personal level of insight, while still maintaining a sense of security and openness that really lends itself to an experience of learning and growth. With no sort of prerequisite of knowledge or background on my part, Alicia provided me with the empowerment and clarity that I needed to make change for myself. It was an enjoyable experience, with pieces of wisdom that I continually revisit still to this day.  


I'm so happy with my session with Alicia! I came to her with questions about my career. She helped balance my body with her intuitive energy work and spent a lot of time helping me with the questions I had. She was very thorough - it never felt rushed, and I left feeling so inspired. I can honestly say I've never been so excited about life than when I left that session. 

- Katy


“Meaningful enlightenment”

Alicia is a highly talented intuitive who uses her abilities to connect with the soul. I had an energy session with Alicia, and the experience is one that has given me greater understanding of my chakras, and provided meaningful enlightenment. Her personal warmth and quick wit combined with her gifted intuition will amaze you.  

— Jonathan

"Immensely powerful"

My Reiki healing session with Alicia was immensely powerful. Her approach was gentle and kind, as well as inspirational, and brought balance of health and creativity back into my life. I am forever grateful for her gift.

- Jenni