My intention, as a teacher, is to empower my students to open their hearts, awaken their intuition, honor their inner light and unleash their creative power.

As an intuitive healing guide, I have found that yoga and meditation are powerful aids in releasing the fears and self-limiting beliefs that keep us from recognizing our true power, worth and unlimited potential. The practice of each gives us an opportunity to quiet the endless chatter and judgment of the mind, so that we can shift from a space of thinking and worrying into a state of pure BEING. This allows us to stop seeing the world from such a small, limited perspective and, instead, experience the infinite possibilities that exist in each and every moment and inside of our true Selves.

I received my 200 RYT Yoga Instructor certification from Rising Lotus Yoga in 2011. My teaching style has been influenced by Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Iyengar and Anusara yoga, and I am also an experienced Restorative and Therapeutic yoga instructor. Regardless of the style, I strongly believe in the importance of using the practice to link the body, mind, breath and spirit. I love giving hands-on adjustments to help students go deeper into the poses, and I also incorporate philosophy, breathing exercises, guided meditations and essential oils into my classes. I am available for private and semi-private yoga classes. If you would like to schedule a session, please follow the link below.

My meditation classes incorporate guided imagery, breathing exercises, energy healing and aromatherapy and are designed to help you connect to your own deep inner wisdom and find true inner harmony by balancing your mind, body and spirit. I have experience teaching weekly group classes at Unplug Meditation and Soul Hum Studios in Los Angeles, CA, and I am currently available to teach private, semi-private or group classes.



Contact me for pricing for Private, Semi-Private or Group Yoga and/or Meditation Classes.



"Floating on a cloud of serenity"

"I first met Alicia when she subbed for my regular yoga instructor, and I was just blown away by her class and have been a devotee ever since.  With Alicia's sensitive encouragement, I felt safe to try yoga poses I'd either previously been scared of or just flat out never thought I was capable of doing. She has the rare quality of making you feel safe and nurtured while also having the ability to push you gently past your edges. I've grown so much with my practice ever since I've taken Alicia's classes. She also gives hands on adjustments that help me relax or go deeper into poses and she uses aromatherapy oils that are just heavenly. Many times I've left class feeling like I was floating on a lavender cloud of serenity. She also shares really inspirational stories from her life and the world that make the class resonate with me on an emotional or personal level."

— Lydia

"Nothing else comes close"

“I took a class that Alicia subbed at a studio a little over two years ago. I left that class feeling incredible. After that, I tried to take other classes from other teachers, but they were nothing even close to the connection, knowledge and comfort that I got in that one class with Alicia. So I stopped. Two years later, I found her through a mutual friend, and I was ecstatic! We quickly set up a session at my home with some friends. She shared her wisdom, her spirit, her vibe with us and gave us a magnificent session that was just like I remembered. We now have a small group, which is growing faster than we can find room for, and are doing bi-weekly sessions. Thank you, Universe, for bringing us together again. Thank you, Alicia, for sharing your spirit with us."

— Jen P.


“Whether it's a physical tightness or a spiritual block, Alicia has the ability to find your points of tension, help you acknowledge them, and guide you towards releasing them. You will leave Alicia's sessions a more balanced human being inside and out. She's the real deal."

- Jenna


"Helped me change my life"

"Alicia is a warm, loving, and engaging person.  I connected with her immediately, and each class I took left me wanting more.  Her energy lights up a room.  I walked into meditation very apprehensive, and she helped me open myself up a little bit more in each class.  She taught me relaxation techniques and alternate ways of managing my anxiety.  Each class was different, and I walked away with a “pearl of wisdom” after every single one.  She genuinely cares about her students and makes the effort to get to know each one of them on a personal level.  She is always willing to stay after class to answer questions, chat or just listen.  Although I have only known her a short time, she has helped me change my life and I am extremely grateful.  I can’t wait to continue my meditation journey with this very special woman. " 

— Stacie

"A beautiful, transformative experience"

“I have had the good fortune of taking Alicia's meditation classes. I found her classes to be the most powerful I've ever taken because she integrates reiki energy healing, guided visualization, and she often offered essential oils as part of the class experience. In the course of taking her classes, I experienced profound insights that led to significant positive transformations. Alicia is a beautiful soul who has very high energy and engages with the class in a very authentic, loving, and caring way. I highly recommend her to anybody looking for a beautiful, transformative experience!"

— Barbara


"From the first meditation class that I took from Alicia, I was hooked. She has such a soothing voice and takes you on deep, sometimes intense Journey's during meditation. I absolutely love her. She was blessed with the energy of a tremendous healer. She will often share from her experiences in life, which is truly inspiring to All. One does not want to miss out on her classes. You will thank yourself later for showing up."

- Loretta


"Phenomenal experience"

“Phenomenal meditation experience with Alicia.  She's smart, passionate, personable, talented, real and brings all those qualities to her meditation sessions which always left me feeling much better than when I arrived.  Her vast knowledge of the field, and her willingness to share that with enthusiasm to those of us fortunate to be sitting in front of her, made me feel so comfortable, safe and open to the whole experience.  By going weekly to her class at Soul Hum, I found that I was able to access the sense of calm found there during the rest of the week... truly the goal of any meditative practice. Trying to meditate on my own just doesn't bring the same results.  I would highly recommend Alicia to anyone looking to start a meditation practice or to those who want to enrich one they have already begun."

— Janice

"Truly magic"

"I like to call Alicia my angel on earth. I was blessed to meet her through her awesome meditation classes at Soul Hum Meditation Studio. I especially loved her Energy Healing classes, where she would pair guided meditation with hands-on Reiki healing. She is truly magic. I realized quickly how gifted of a healer she was, and I wanted to learn more. I’ve received private energy work sessions, and I’ve also taken her Introduction to Intuition course and her Reiki Level 1 Training & Certification.

Alicia is a true healer and teacher. She loves to share her knowledge because she wants to see you heal and grow emotionally and spiritually. She also opened my eyes to the therapeutic uses of tea and herbs! I am so thankful that she made her way into my life the way she did. It was at the most perfect time. Thank you, Alicia, for all your guidance, healing, knowledge and love!"

— Karin